Micro CRT

Tinman’s uniquely designed perforated CRT table is ideal for cleanrooms, as the most used working area. Special attention is paid to ergonomics and maximum comfort for personnel. Perforation ensures unobstructed air flow.


  • smooth edges
    • prevents tearing and cuts
  • ergonomic design
    • rounded front edge
  • adjustable feet
    • non-slip leveling feet
  • perforation
    • air permeability 40%
    • no retention of cleaning fluids
  • minimization of gaps
    • closed circuit welded joints
    • preventing accumulation of dust
    • easy cleaning


  • Perforated table top hidden reinforcement under the table top – continuously perforated table top
  • Fixed Shelf optionally a perforated shelf for storing cleanroom elements can be added
  • Adjustable feet solid feet – contamination free
  • Flat packaging
    • separate table top and legs
    • simple assembly
    • detailed assembly instructions in every package
Dimensions (mm)

L x W x H

Product weight (kg)

22,6 (Micro CRT P 1200 x 600 x 750)

Fabrication material
  • AISI 304
  • 2R – high gloss polished
  • optional AISI 316
Cleanroom suitability
  • ISO class 4
  • GMP class A
Master code


  • Good clean ability due to low surface roughness and easy cleaning access
  • Very good resistance against chemicals and all regular cleanroom disinfectants (alcoholic, biocidal and sporicidal)
  • Rounded front edge of the table top
  • All rounded corners
  • Minimization of gaps, hygienic design
Additional options
  • Feet:
    • anchored feet / casters
  • Under top options:
    • 1, 2 or 3 drawers
    • UT cabinet
    • CPU holder
    • keyboard tray
  • Under top shelf
  • Load:
    • heavy duty (400kg)
  • carton box + polypropylene bag, 1pc.
  • Dimensions Lp x Dp x Hp (data table)