Company Profile

Tinman is a stainless steel furniture brand.

Tinman is dedicated to being the global leader in implementation of innovative solutions for stainless steel furniture in Cleanrooms. Our products are designed for controlled environments where the main focus is on the elimination of contamination risks.

Quality standards are the key element to our success. What makes us different from other companies on the market is that we take care of every detail. The basic principle that guides us in the process of designing elements is to provide ease of use and maintenance of furniture. Our team of engineers considers all possible aspects of future use of our furniture in cleanrooms in order to optimize working conditions for each user by offering them the highest level of utilization and comfort.

We have set ourselves the goal to maximally explore possibilities of stainless steel as the most rewarding material for this application. Using all its advantages, our innovative solutions make Tinman furniture ergonomic and easy to maintain. We select the best international partners for materials used in our production.

The continuous investment in business development, implementation and steady improvement of the service quality, in order to ensure the excellence of our final products, make our brand recognizable at global markets. We keep introducing innovations into our work in the sphere of contamination control and implement constant monitoring system throughout the production process. Working with trained and professional staff helps us to fully ensure the satisfaction of our business partners, as well as to obtain complete safe and comfortable utilization of our products in critical areas.