Pass through cabinets are specialized for contamination free transfer of materials in and out of the cleanroom. They reduce unnecessary contamination of the cleanroom.


  • slope top
    • reduced retention of dust on surfaces
  • fixed hangers
    • clothing does not touch in between
    • air permeable perforated steel frame
    • air flows between garments
  • smooth edges
    • prevents tearing and cuts
  • double sided doors
    • door management system
    • double door opening system
  • handle
    • button on handle opens door via electromagnet
  • adjustable shelves
    • 50mm step


  • Hangers made of stainless steel – durable and resistant to deformations rounded corners
  • Smooth shelves good cleaning ability – low surface roughness and easy cleaning
  • Electromagnet electromagnet linked to a button on the handle ensures safety locking prevents the door to open
  • Lighting warning light indicates that door is open increase visibility inside the cabinet
Dimensions (mm)

1000 x 600 x 2000

Product weight (kg)


Fabrication material
  • AISI 304
  • 2R – high gloss polished
  • optional AISI 316
Cleanroom suitability
  • ISO class 4
  • GMP class A
Master code


  • Good clean ability due to low surface roughness and easy cleaning access
  • Very good resistance against chemicals and all regular cleanroom disinfectants (alcoholic, biocidal and sporicidal)
  • Easy handling
  • Adjustable shelves height
  • Minimization of gaps, hygienic design
Additional options
  • Number of shelves
  • Number of hangers
  • UV light
  • Full metal or Acrylic Door
  • carton box + polypropylene bag, 1pc.